Why Türkiye?

Türkiye has emerged as a prime destination for individuals seeking citizenship
through investment. The Turkish Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program,
established in 2017, has gained significant popularity due to its unique blend of
economic opportunities, strategic location, and rich cultural heritage. Here, we delve
into the various reasons why people are increasingly opting for Turkish citizenship by
investment, the advantages it offers, and what makes Türkiye a compelling choice.

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A view from Istanbul’s historical peninsula and the Bosphorus

Reasons for Applying for Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Strategic Geopolitical Location:

Bridge Between Continents: Türkiye’s unique position straddling Europe and Asia
makes it a strategic hub for business and travel. This duality provides access to
diverse markets and serves as a gateway to both continents.

Regional Influence: As a key player in the Middle East, the Balkans, and Central
Asia, Türkiye offers significant geopolitical advantages for businesses and individuals
looking to establish a presence in these regions.

Economic Opportunities:

Rapid Economic Growth: Türkiye boasts one of the world’s fastest-growing
economies, with strong sectors in construction, manufacturing, tourism and so on.
Investing here opens up numerous commercial and financial opportunities.

Diverse Investment Options: The CBI program offers various investment routes,
including real estate, capital transfer, and business establishment, providing flexibility
to investors based on their interests and expertise.

Real Estate Market:

Booming Sector: Türkiye’s real estate market is vibrant and growing, offering high
returns on investment. Istanbul, in particular, is a hotspot for lucrative property deals.

Affordable Luxury: Compared to many Western countries, Türkiye offers high-
quality properties at competitive prices, making it an attractive option for investors
looking for value for money.

Cultural and Social Appeal:

Rich Heritage: Türkiye is home to a wealth of historical and cultural landmarks,
from the ancient city of Ephesus to the iconic Hagia Sophia. This rich heritage
attracts individuals who appreciate cultural diversity and history.

High Quality of Life: Türkiye offers a high standard of living with modern
amenities, excellent healthcare, and an appealing Mediterranean climate. The
country’s vibrant lifestyle, culinary delights, and friendly population add to its charm.

Visa-Free Travel:

Global Mobility: Turkish citizenship grants visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to
over 110 countries, including Japan, Singapore, and many Latin American countries.
This enhanced mobility is a significant draw for global businesspeople and travelers.

Educational and Health Benefits:

Quality Education: Türkiye has numerous reputable universities and educational
institutions offering high standards of education at relatively low costs, attracting
families looking for quality education for their children.

Advanced Healthcare: The country’s healthcare system is modern and efficient,
with a wide network of hospitals and clinics providing top-notch medical services,
often at more affordable rates than in many Western countries.

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Advantages of the Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program

Expedited Process:

  • The Turkish CBI program is known for its swift and efficient application process. Applicants can often obtain citizenship within six months, which is considerably fastercompared to similar programs in other countries.

Inclusive Eligibility:

  • The program is inclusive, allowing investors to include their spouse, dependent
    children under 18, and even children of any age with disabilities in their application.

No Residency Requirement:

  • Unlike many other citizenship programs, Türkiye does not require applicants to
    reside in the country prior to or after obtaining citizenship. This flexibility is appealing
    to global investors who may have commitments in other parts of the world.

Retaining Original Citizenship:

  • Türkiye allows dual citizenship, meaning investors do not need to renounce their
    original citizenship. This offers an additional convenience for applicants.
    Türkiye’s allure goes beyond its investment potential. It is a country where East
    meets West, offering a unique blend of modernity and tradition. Its strategic
    importance, combined with economic vibrancy and a high quality of life, makes it an
    ideal destination for those seeking a second citizenship. The Turkish Citizenship by
    Investment program is not just a pathway to a new passport; it is an entry into a
    dynamic, historically rich, and economically promising nation.